Carry a Tourniquet

NE/UT CCW Class 11-11-2017
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Carry a Tourniquet
I have mentioned in class, probably not often enough.  Carrying a tourniquet is more likely to save a life as opposed to carrying your gun. I carry a gun everywhere, but a gun won't save my daughter in car accident.  A tourniquet might.  How many more people could have been saved in Las Vegas, if a dozen people had a tourniquet in a pocket or purse?  Oddly enough I was at a TAC MED Class on Saturday 9-30.  It was only Training, but like Training with your gun, if you don't train under stress, you won't be able to do it under stress.  We put on Tourniquets, ALOT, and we got good at it. 
For $17, I have one in every car, in my laptop bag for work. Recon medical CAT type Tourniquets have metal a WINDLASS and Kevlar stitching at a lower price.  It is good stuff. You can get yours – From Amazon, just click HERE  Take a TAC MED CLASS.  If there is enough interest, I can get one setup at the Cabin.  In the interim, you can watch YouTube on how to apply one correctly – HERE

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